How Memories Forever Was Born

  I started Scrapbooking back in 1999..My husband was restoring a 1970 Mustang and I thought it would be fun to keep track. I did the album not knowing this was called scrapbooking. I just did some stickers and different papers for backgrounds..nothing very fancy at all. It was fun..I did the album and didnt really do any more at that time.

Then in Dec. of 2004 my husband (Ken) was ran over by a 90,000lb. Excavator while at work. The next two months he spent in an Ann Arbor hospital I was right by his side the whole time. The first week they did not know if he would make it, and if he did they said he would not walk without help of some kind. But after two months he finally came home, I became his nurse-caretaker and took on all the things around the house that he used to do. So after being home about a daughter in law suggested I do scrapbooking to give myself some ME TIME..So her and I went shopping and I bought what I needed to get going. This was really did take my mind off everything for a couple of hours a day..I could sit and work on it and still be near him if he needed me.

  Well after a couple of months things started getting financially hard for us.. It was getting to where I could not go and buy all the supplies I needed because the prices were just too expensive. I gave it up for a couple of years. I did miss it. But had packed all my tools up for now.

In 2008 I decided to try again.. But instead of buying for me I decided to sell on Ebay. I started out selling my used items and also selling die cuts I made. It was fun.. But it was still hard to scrapbook because of the prices of items after the stores mark them up .I decided to get a business license and look into wholesale, I could not believe how much the stores mark these items up. So in 2009 I decided to try it again..I was selling out of my house. I would have garage sales..I sold Brand New items at discounted prices. I would have crops where the girls would come and scrapbook and buy at reduced prices. We would do door prizes and have a lot of fun.

I started to sell at Craft Sales still at low prices. Then in July of 2010 the opportunity came up to rent a store front.. It was a very hard decision..I had dreamed since 2004 of having a scrapbook store that would not be HIGH PRICED.. I wanted to make it affordable because I knew what it was like to not be able to afford those high prices. So I decided to do it after talking with my husband. We decided to make sure the prices would stay discounted.. I did not want to become rich..I just wanted to help people out that were like me and could not afford the high priced items.

So Memories Forever Scrapbooking was opened Aug 2. 2010 with all prices discounted.

                                                                                                    Ethel Moore



Since I have moved it home,, If Im home,,Im open past these hours






FRI.  Noon to 11pm  FREE CROP

SAT.  10-5

SUN..  Closed

If there is a crop or class going on we are open till that event is done.

Please check calendar or call for Friday and Saturdays,, Sometimes gone Scrapbooking.


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